Learn Setswana Learn Setswana

Learn Setswana

Setswana is the national language with minor differences in dialects. English is the official business language and it is widely spoken in urban areas. However, knowing and using a bit of Setswana always helps and the Batswana staff are always thrilled to hear you speak their language.

Here are some of the basic phrases in Setswana:




Ee (Ee, mma - answering a woman, ee rra - answering a man)


Nnyaa, mma/rra

Hello (to a woman)

Dumela, mma (Dumelang, bo mma - plural)

Hello (to a man)

Dumela, rra (Dumelang, bo rra - plural)

How are you?

Le kae? O tsogile jang?

I am fine

Ke tsogile sentle. Ke teng.

Good bye

Go siame

Thank you

Ke itumetse

Do you speak Setswana?

A o bua Setswana?

I speak Setswana just a little

Ke bua Setswana go le gonnye fela

I don't speak Setswana

Ga ke bue Setswana

No problem

Ga gona mathata

How much is this?

Ke bo kae?

The dining table and food is something unites all cultures.

Every Monday night across the Kwando camps is Botswana Night.
Your hosting team will be delighted to share their local cuisine, setting the scene for a fun evening to quiz them about their culture and ways of life.