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What makes a safari with Kwando unique?

A safari can be had in several African countries and in other locations in Botswana, but these are the key reasons why Kwando Safaris has been consistently recognized in the industry as one of the best photographic safari companies.

Pristine Wilderness

Each of our spectacular camps are set in unique and diverse wildlife destinations. The Kwara Reserve in the Okavango Delta is 175,000 hectares while the Kwando Reserve in the greater Kwando-Linyanti region spans 232,000 hectares (that’s 30 times the size of Manhattan!) and only has only two camps as well. Our Tau Pan camp is just one of two camps within the vast expanse of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, while we are the only camp within Nxai Pan National Park, with the best access to the magnificent Baines’ Baobabs.


The guide and tracker combination on every game drive is Kwando Safaris’ forte, providing the benefit of two sets of roving eyes and keen ears that miss nothing as you traverse the wilderness of northern Botswana. Your experienced guide is also able to fully focus on imparting interesting information and bush folklore to you, while the skilled tracker guides you through the undergrowth and across the open plains.

Flexible Timings

We believe the bush dictates the time of your meals, and your safari as a whole, and not the other way around. This is why you’re here, in the wild. Should your vehicle be out following an amazing sighting, your meals will be kept toasty and warm, awaiting your return. Similarly, families with younger children may opt to return earlier in line with their children’s preferences.

Private Concessions

We operate in exclusive concession areas offering some of the most consistently high-quality game viewing in the country. Don’t fret about missing a photographic opportunity in the Kwara or Kwando Reserve, as these private concessions mean that you can go off-road and closer to sightings for that money shot. Night drives are also available in which shyer nocturnal animals can also be spotted.

The Personal Touch

We pride ourselves on the personal attention from committed staff. With no more than 18 guests per camp, your safari is in the hands of experienced and talented managers with whom you will definitely create a personal connection with. Each safari vehicle with three rows of three seats, only takes a maximum of 6 guests, in which you are assured the attention of your guide and also the comfort to have sufficient space to spread out your gear.

Digital Detox

There were never any phones or laptops back in the early days of safaris. Kwando subscribes to this mindset and your safari is dominated by the sounds of nature (more often than not, right outside your tent!) and not the pinging of your mobile phone. Disconnect: your phone is now just a camera. Relax, recharge and revitalize yourself… The bush is a healing place.

A Day On Safari

Early Morning

After an early morning wake-up call, gather around the fireplace for a quick meal.


Piping hot tea and coffee, as well as a bowl of sumptuous porridge and freshly baked muffins are on offer before you head out. An early morning departure really increases the chances of unusual sightings, as the majority of mammals are active at the beginning and end of the day when temperatures are lower.


After your morning activity, return back to camp for brunch and to share your sightings with your camp manager and other guests around the table. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to take a siesta; or cool off in the pool or simply relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Tea Time

Rendezvous again at the main area for tea and snacks before heading out on your afternoon activity.


As the sun casts its last rays over the horizon, it’s time for a classic safari tradition – sundowners. Stop at a scenic spot to marvel at the beauty of nature and return back to camp after, or continue on your night drive.


Back in camp, grab a drink by the fire before dinner. Dinner is a 3 course affair with the main course being a buffet.


You have the option to retire to bed after dinner or linger a little longer by the fire under the stars.


Game Drives

Our custom game vehicles comfortably seat maximum of 6 guests in three rows of three seats at all our properties. At Kwara, we take no more than 4 guests at a time in the same 9-seater vehicle. Guests are guided by a two person team, enabling the guide to communicate points of interest while the tracker ensures no sightings or tracks are missed.

Night drives are a Kwando Safaris speciality. Beginning in the late afternoon as the sun sets, the African day is transformed into a soft colourful evening canvas; unexpectedly revealing the creatures of the night!

Nature Walks

While game vehicles traverse much greater distances, nature walks inspire, humble and afford a remarkable appreciation of Africa’s natural environment. Your eyes will be opened up to a world of smaller plants, insects and tracks easily missed while in a vehicle.

Game walks are not hikes, and are meant to be comfortable strolls providing you with a chance to experience the wilderness in all it’s beauty. Walks can be combined with game drives or mokoro trips and the length of walk can be adjusted to suit your personal desires or level of fitness.


The Okavango and Kwando Rivers are both renowned as an excellent destination for fly fishing and traditional spin fishing.

Species targeted by sports fisherman are several species of tilapia (including the olive bream or nembwe, red breasted tilapia, purple faced largemouth and three spot tilapia), the sharp tooth catfish, African pike and the mighty Tiger fish.

Unfortunately fishing is not possible during the months of January and February due to government regulations.

Boat Cruises

Available at Lagoon, and the Kwara Reserve camps, the boat experience is soothing and relaxing as you drift along the river. Watch elephants bathe, gaze at a multitude of spectacular birds species or hear the snort of a territorial hippo! Double-decker boats are used to provide a better vantage point and offer a wonderful position to enjoy the waterways and their varied inhabitants.


This traditional dug out canoe is surely the experience definitive of the Okavango Delta. The complete stillness of an early morning in the Delta is truly a sublime experience. Glide through its varied and unique waterways and floodplains in this traditional mode of transport.

Private Vehicles

Move to the beat of your own drum... Should you wish to go out on a full day drive, long walks or simply want to benefit from the 1 on 1 interaction and knowledge of your guide, you may choose to book a private vehicle for your stay, and perhaps one of our seasoned private guides.

For the safety and comfort of our guests, Kwando Safaris reserves the right to suspend or amend activities based on prevailing conditions at the time of stay and/or at the camp manager and guide’s discretion.